I'm a caffeine-addicted, recovering perfectionist who is a no bull, get stuff done kind of gal. 

I rock the mom life... or at least try to! I'm the Chaos Coordinator for two busy kiddos - Cam and Brooks. I'm a soccer mom. And a dance mom. And I LOVE IT! 

Although I consider myself a hot mess, I do have my shit together once in a while… 

I've been in the fitness and nutrition space for 10+ years. In addition to KenzieMosher.com, my husband and I own and operate two CrossFit gyms here in Iowa.

I absolutely love my “job.” I spend my days in leggings and cozy hoodies, coaching the coolest folks around while sippin’ on coffee and protein shakes, counting reps by day and counting macros by night. I literally eat, sleep and breathe this stuff. Every. Single. Day. This is my LIFE! 

My hobbies include breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love strong wi-fi and long naps on the beach. I also enjoy biking, boating and the barbell. I dislike boob sweat, small talk and surprises. And my favorite form of cardio is running my businesses. 

My coaching style is tough love – imperfect action, no b.s., 
no gimmicks and no sugar coating.

I am REAL... And I pride myself in being a coach who gets you... 

I get the challenges. I get the struggles. I get the overwhelm.
I get how challenging it is to balance your health and fitness goals
with your family, your job, your social life and all the other stuff... Because I've been there.

I get that you’re busy with a plate full of life... And I want you to know that my program was made for people just like you. You don’t have time to waste and you just want to know what works and what doesn’t.
I've done the hard work for you... All you need to do is get started.


CrossFit Spencer

Gym Owner since 2014

CrossFit Okoboji

Gym Owner since 2018

Kenzie Mosher Nutrition

CEO since 2016

CrossFit Level 1 Certificate 


CrossFit Level 2 Certificate


CrossFit Scaling Course

CrossFit Spot The Flaw Course

CrossFit Lesson Plans Course

CrossFit Judges Course

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate

NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

Currently Pursuing

10+ Years Coaching in Health and Fitness Industry

Psychology Degree

Buena Vista University

15+ Years Coaching Dance and Cheer