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[February 2011] Six years ago…

I was hustling in my dance studio business. 
I had four locations in four different towns… 

When I wasn’t teaching classes, choreographing or traveling for competitions, 
I was responding to emails, updating the website and social media, handling staff issues, 
calculating payroll, creating advertisements, ordering costumes, 
planning the year-end dance recital, delegating tasks to staff and more. 

I had systems in place that allowed it to run well, 
but my perfectionism wouldn’t allow me to give up responsibilities to my staff. 

I found myself submerged in the dance studio, even when I wasn’t physically there. 
I was spending more time with my dance students than my own two children and my husband. 

And when I was home, I spent the majority time on my computer working on the 
administrative tasks or catching up on work for the next day. 
I was working about 70-80 hours per week.

It was a dream of mine to own my own dance studio. 

But holy cow… I was busy! 
I felt guilty and my priorities were so out of whack and as a result, so was my life. 
I was more concerned with pleasing everyone enrolled in my dance studio 
and taking care of my staff than taking care of myself or my family. 

That’s where I was at the time… 

So, when my Zumba instructor at the studio told me she was moving out-of-state, 
I decided that I would just take over those classes. 

What was “one more thing” on my plate? 

To my surprise, I ended up growing a large Zumba program 
despite my initial lack of interest in fitness.
Ladies, I didn’t even like to SWEAT!

 It was during this time, however, that I began to see and feel 
what exercise could do for my body… 
and my mind and my stress level. 

I fell in love. 

And that’s when health and fitness became a priority. 
I haven’t taught Zumba in years, but I am thankful for the students 
who attended my classes regularly and forced me to “show up” everyday. 

It is because of that opportunity and those women 
that I began to see how rewarding it was to coach adults. 
To form relationships… to hear about their goals… 
to hear about their struggles… to be their support system.  

 When God has a plan for your life, he makes things happen... 

Because it was at this time, that my husband and I were introduced to a guy named Mike.
Mike saw a promotional flyer for my Zumba classes hanging up in a tanning salon 
and sent me a Facebook message. 

It went something like, 
“I saw your Zumba flyer hanging up in my brother’s tanning salon. 
I have an income opportunity that I think would be a good fit with your fitness classes… 
When would you be available to chat?” 

An INCOME opportunity…? That’s all I saw.

Now, I know this doesn’t REALLY have anything to do with my health and fitness journey. 
it has everything to do it. 

I told you that I was living my dream - operating my four dance studios… 

We were successful. We had 600+ students… 

Everything looked “perfect” on the outside. 

But, I also told you that my life was out of whack. 

I had no time…
…and we had no money. 
That’s right - we were broke. We had more month than money. 
I busted my ass on the studio to provide for my family - to bring home the bacon, 
but with such high expenses - there wasn’t a whole lot of bacon to bring home. 

So, when we got that random Facebook message 
from that stranger named Mike - we were curious. 

We sat down with him… 
We heard that it was a health & wellness direct sales company. 
We heard about their world-class nutritional products. 
We heard about the endorsers. The scientific & medical advisory board. 
We heard story after story of other people 
who were seeing results by combining 
these products with a healthy diet and exercise. 

There wasn’t much convincing… We were all-in! 
We tried to get started that night with a product order 
and a membership and our card declined… 
We were in our upper 20s and didn't have $79 in our checking account. 
Pretty sad… 

When we got started, our goal was to earn enough 
income to pay for our products and have some financial relief.
That was our WHAT and our WHY. 

And the HOW…? 
Our mentor told us, “Help as many people get what they want 
and you’ll get what you want. And just don’t quit.” 
But, I am not here to sell you supplements. 

They are the best on the market. 
The income opportunity has changed my family’s life. 
But it goes beyond that… It goes beyond my family.  

God put that company in our lives for a reason… 

Throughout the last six years, I have been introduced to other fitness professionals, 
read dozens of books, did scientific research, used high quality supplements 
along with proper diet and exercise to get phenomenal results for myself, 
my friends and family.

As I began to share my love for health and fitness, 
I constantly had people reaching out to me for advice, 
accountability + support, 
meal plans, snack ideas, supplement guidance, 
training plans and personal training. 

I have become so passionate about coaching other people and 
helping them reach their goals through a healthy and active lifestyle. 

I have been able to make a big impact with people I know 
and people I don’t know and with that, 
I decided to take my coaching online to 
reach more women and make a greater impact. 

There is nothing more rewarding than making a positive difference in another person’s life 
and I am blessed that I get to do that everyday through my coaching business. 
You may be wondering how I manage to balance my family, my four dance studios 
and my coaching business all while working on my own fitness goals? 

Well, when you help enough people get what they want 
[reach their health and wellness goals], 
you get what you want… 

I have helped a lot of people get what they want... 

And because of that,
 My husband and I increased our income substantially,
which allowed us to pay off 
massive amounts of debt and get ahead financially. 
I got time back with my family, when I was able to retire 
from my dance studios in the fall of 2015. 

It was also in 2015, that we opened our CrossFit gym. 

The little part that I left out is that 
after becoming obsessed with fitness, 
I wanted more of a challenge. 
More than Zumba...
I wanted to really push myself and my body to the max. 
I wanted to look, feel and perform my absolute best.

With no weightlifting experience whatsoever, 
I took my first CrossFit class in November of 2013. 

It was my first day in a gym… 

That goes to show that YOU can do this 
[whatever "this" is to YOU]…

YOU can reach your goals- 
even with little time, little money 
and a whole lot of stress! 
Kenzie Mosher Copyright 2016-2017 All Rights Reserved